The Quebec Act

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The Quebec Act

Who?The British and the Canadiens

How? They signed The Quebec Act to make sure quebec would not follow the rebelion by giving them back some rights they had taken away.

Why?Due to the rebels in the 13 colonies, the British became worried that the Canadiens would be next to rebel against them.

The Quebec Act of 1774 was a rule set by the British Parliament to set the new ruling of the province of Quebec, which was another colony in North America. Due to the rise of determined rebels in the American colonies, the British became worried that the French Canadiens would follow afterwards. The Quebec Act was formed to keep the people in order and to make sure that they kept their loyalties to the Parliament. There were several rules under the act, a lot of them did not impress the American colonists.


The Quebec Act is the reason the french language still exsists in north america today

there was no actual fight/war.

The Quebec Act

When? 1774

a couple of the things it did were:- allowed catholic churches could tithe- they could now practice the catholic faith


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