The Qin Dynasty

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The Qin Dynasty These terracotta warriors were found in the the tomb of the first emperor. It is a primary source as it was created during the dynasty.I assume that they were made during the reign of Shi Huang Di, which was believed to be about 2000 years ago, by artisans who were put to work by the emperor. I believe the terracotta army was built as the emperor believed he needed a full army to aid him in the afterlife. As it was built from terracotta and carved with iron tools and hands and was buried in theground for so long,they have survived for so long.They all had unique facial features, similar to ones in the real army. It is thought that they were built in the tomb and left just as they are. Eventhough they have been around for over 2000 years they were only discovered about 40 years ago.

Emperor Qin Shi Huang

The Qin Dynasty

Although this dynasty only lasted 15 years (221-206 BC), it is one of the most significant of all of Ancient China. Following the Zhou, the name 'China' is even derived from the name of the famous leader and the dynasty, 'Qin.'

After changing his name from King Zheng to Shi Huang (first emperor), he was one of the most important leaders ever, even though many of the population despised him. Although he made many good changes to the Qin Dynasty, he was also known for his self centred additude. He wanted to be the smartest so scholars were given harsh punishments. He burnt books that were of unimportant subjects such as sewing. And those who apposed his ideas were banished or killed.

The emperor soon became worried about death and ordered his medics to create a medicine which would make him immortal to death. Unfortunately this medication contained mercury and made him lose his mind. He built a 50 square mile tomb filled with an army of clay soldiers. These soldiers were named the terracotta warriors.

The Terracotta Warriors

Emperor Qin Shi Huang started the construction. Although the great wall was very vital to the Qin, Shi Huang did his just for his own safety. The Mongols were invading fast from all directions so a large wall was the best thought that came to mind. He pulled all men, young or old, away from their families and put them to work, with only a small ration of food weekly. Sadly, many of the villagers passed away during the construction which devastated their families. The great wall was built from approximately from 700 BC to the sixteenth century AD.

Along with the Terracotta warriors, the Qin also had some other important inventions. The dagger was invented during the warring states period but was also popular during the whole of the Qin dynasty. The cross bow was a great achievement as well. It was much more appropriate than the long bow as they had a better aim and more power. The cross bows were used during almost every war.


Social Hierarchy

The Great Wall Of China

During the Qin Dynasty, they did not have a certain philosopher like Confucius but there was Legalism. The legalists believed that without harsh punishments, nobody would ever behave. Throughout the construction of the Great Wall of China, the government punished anyone who disobeyed the rules of the government or refused to help build it.


In addition to the Great Wall and The Terracotta Warriors, Emperor Qin Shi Huang also changed China in many other ways. He unified China by standardizing one unit of measurement, writing, language and currency. He also built roads and canals and constructed irrigation systems which made farming easier.


Emperor Qin had thought his family would rule China for thousands of years. However, the empire collapsed only three years after his death.

When Emperor Qin first became King, there were many assassination attempts on his life. This may have been why he was so obsessed with living forever.

Fun Facts

This picture is a painting of The Great Wall Of China which is located in Northern China.It is a primary source. I can assume that it was made by any man, young or old as they were pulled from their families. I believe that the emperor built it for his own safety to keep him safe from the mongols. It was built in 700 BC. I can assume that it lasted so long as it was constructed from rammed earth, bricks and stone walls.

The Terracotta army consisted of eight thousand terracotta warriors which were built during the reign of Shihuangdi. Their faces were all identical to real soldiers in the real army. Emperor Qin created this tomb as he believed he needed a full army to help him fight in the wars of the afterlife.



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