The Pursuit of Happyness

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The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of HappYness


The moment of highest emotional intensity within a plot.The climax of the movie is when Chris, played by will smith, is called into the firms office and finds out he got the job after working and competing for several weeks.


The writers attitude toward his subject.In the movie the writers tone is flat and heart warming.


The practice of using an object to represent itself as well as represent itself as well as represent something broader than itself.The symoblism in the movie is in the title "The Pursuit of Happyness", the "Y". The movie takes place in 1981 and the economy is lousy, Chris the main character is taking his son to day care when he sees on the window that happiness is spelled with a "Y" this is a symbol of all things mediocre

Point of View

The point of view is the vantage point from which a story is told.In the movie it is 1st person point of view the story is being told by the main character.


The time and place of the action.The movie opens in 1981, in San Francisco.


The struggle between two opposing forces.Conflic in the movie includes:-problems with his wife-chris being homeless-chris getting his scanner stolen


Mood is the emotional quality of a piece of work.The mood of this movie is captured through the use of scenes taking place in run down neighborhoods homeless shelters and in comunity soup kitchen this movie is very emotional

The main idea of the story.Rags to riches, the story tells about a poor man who through hard work and determination makes his way to the top a broker firm.



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