The Punic Wars Rome v.s. Carthage

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The Punic Wars Rome v.s. Carthage

Battle Timeline

Rome and Carthage came into conflict over trade routes in the Medetteranian Sea and who controlled the island of Sicilly. War began between the Republic of Rome and the Empire of Carthage. Rome and Carthage will fight 3 wars, called the Punic Wars. Rome is also trying to expand it's empire and Carthage is large and nearby.

Carthage was wiped out!Rome took control of the land formerly known as the Carthage Empire and also expanded into Spain, Gaul (France), Asia Minor, and the Middle East. Rome is going to grow so large, that eventually it's Republic will fail. Politicians will become corrupt and many start to struggle for power. Eventually Rome will become and Empire, ruled by an Emperor. The power of the Senate will become less while the Emperor becomes more powerful.

Carthage is has a very powerful navy, Rome does not. Our most famous Carthigian leader is Hannibal. Rome has a very poweful army. Our most famous Roman leader is going to be Scipio.





RomeV.S. Carthage

Punic Wars!

The First Punic War This is a naval (sea) war. Carthage wins many battles because they have very powerful navy and are able to sink many Roman ships by raming into them with their own powerful ships. Rome changes tactics. They use massive (huge) hooks that they throw over and hook to Carthage's ships. They pull their ship alongside the Carthage ship, and then send their well trained soldiers onto Carthage's ships and easily defeats the crew. Rome wins the First Punic War.

The Second Punic War. Carthage has a powerful general, Hannibal, who decides not to fight by water. He brings his army, with soldiers riding elephants, into Spain, up through Europe and down into the Alps, to invade the Italian Peninsula from the North. He wins many battles against Rome and hopes his continued wins will eventually cause Rome to run out of money and soldiers. Rome gets an idea! Rome sends its army to attack Carthage, forcing Hannibal to return to Carthage to defend his city and empire. Rome defeats Hannibal and he is eventually forced into exile where he commits suicide.

The Third Punic WarCarthage was forced to pay a huge sum of money to Rome, give up most of their Empire (land) to Rome, and accept rulers from Rome. Despite defeating Carthage's army and Hannibal, many Roman senators are still worried about Carthage eventually returning to power. Additionally, once Carthage has paid off all its debt to Rome, Carthage is no longer useful. They vote to send the army to the unprotected Carthage. They win easily, burn the city to the ground and sell every person in Carthage into slavery. They also sew salt into the ground around the city of Carthage to ensure that no one will ever live there again. Rome wins the 3rd Punic War.

The 1st Punic War

The 2nd Punic War

The 1st Punic War


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