[2015] Abby Johnson: The Punic Wars

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[2015] Abby Johnson: The Punic Wars

The Punic Wars

The First Punic War

264-241 B.C.

The Second Punic War

218-201 B.C.

The Third Punic War

149-146 B.C.

- Rome vs. Carthage- Fought on island of Sicily - Carthage controlled Sicily, Rome controlled the Italian peninsula - Carthage = Best Navy- Rome = Best Army

- Romans added Corvus to naval ships to turn sea battle to land battle- Romans invaded Africa- Carthage forced to sue for peace after Rome blocked off supplies- Rome wins; takes Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica-Carthage pays heavy fine

- Hannibal and father, Hamilcar hated Rome- Hannibal crossed Ebro River, violated treaty-Rome declared war on Carthage

- Philip V of Macedonia alligned himself with Hannibal- Rome took over Syracuse-Carthage sues for peace once again-Gives up Spain, its army and its navy

- Roman soldiers had been away at war for a long time- Returned with no jobs or places to go- Rome's solution: send the soldiers back to war vs. Philip V of Macedonia

-Rome used Legion formation: small, flexible units, able to move on thier own- Maedonians used Phalanx formation: one large unit- Romans defeated Macedonians, becoming masters of Greece- Romans saw Carthage prospering & siezed the city


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