[2015] Brooklyn Anderson: The Punic Wars

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[2015] Brooklyn Anderson: The Punic Wars

The Second Punic War240-237 BC

The Third Punic War149-146 BC

The First Punic War264-241 BC

Carthage controlled most of Sicily at the beginning of the war. They had one of the bestnavies, while Rome had a strong army.

The First Punic War was a conflict between Rome and Carthage. Most of the conflict took place on and around Sicily. Rome controlled the entire Italian peninsula.

After Hamilcar Barca was killed, his son Hannibal attacked an ally of Rome. Rome declared war on Carthage and sent an army towards Spain. Hannibal took a huge army to attack Spain.

Both sides were having a hard time winning battles in Sicily. The Romans decided to invade Africa, the Carthaginians homeland, hoping they would accept peace on their terms.

Rome eventually won the First Punic War when they cut off the Carthaginian's supplies coming into Sicily from Africa. Hamilcar Barca, the Carthage commander, left Sicily determined to seek revenge on the Romans.

A newly elected dictator, Fabius, wanted to avoid battle with Hannibal and deprive him of supplies. After his rule ended, the new leaders met Hannibal and his army and were annihilated.

Rome took the war to Carthage once more. General Scipio had been studying Hannibal's tactics and they met in the battle of Zama. It was only the second battle of the Second Punic War.

The Carthaginians were defeated again, and were forced to surrender. They were also forced to give up Spain, their army, and their navy.

The Romans were sent back to war to fight against Greece and Phillip V of Macedonia, because they sided with the Carthaginians during the Second Punic War.

Rome faught using a formation made up of smaller, flexible units. Macedonia used a formation of large blocks of men. Rome was victorious and soon became the leaders of Greece.

Carthage was attacked and went to Rome for help. Rome found that they had been building up their economy and didn't like how prosperous they were. Carthage was forced to defend themselves.

The again broke the treaty and Rome declared war. The Romans took the city, killed all of the men, enslaved the women and children, and burnt Carthage to the ground.


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