[2015] Mackenzie Bergeron: The Punic Wars

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[2015] Mackenzie Bergeron: The Punic Wars

The Punic Wars

The first Punic war a comflict between Rome and Carthage. It began in 264 BC and didn't end until 241 BC and most of the fighting took place on an island called Sicily. Neither country was able to win a decent battle in Sicily. Because of this, Rome took the battle to the homeland of the Carthage people in Africa thinking that the Carthaginians would take a peace offering at the Romans terms. And that is exactly what happened. Rome won the first Punic war.

The First Punic War

Fun Facts from the Wars

The second Punic War took place from 218 BC to 201 BC. Hannibal was the main leader of a great portion of this war. He recieved his hared of Rome from his father, Hamilcar Barca. He had many victories against the Roman legions in Italy, including the battles at Trebia River and Lake Trasimene. He even won the very last battle which in the end Cathage gave up Spain, its army, and its navy.

The Second Punic War

The third Punic war only lasted from 149 BC to 146 BC. The Romans eventually took the city, killed the men of Carthage and enslaved the women and children. The city was burnt to the ground, and, it was written, that the Romans sewed salt into the fields so nothing could grow there again. The great Carthaginian civilization had come to an end. Rome's expanding empire now included parts of North Africa.

Amazing video

Punic actually means purple in Latin, so these were the Purple Wars.Hannibal had a massive army that included 37 elephants!Up until the time of the third Punic War, no army using the techniques of Philip II and Alexander the Great had ever been defeated on the battlefield

The Third Punic War


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