[2015] Emily Edland: The Punic Wars

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[2015] Emily Edland: The Punic Wars

Time Line

The Punic Wars

The Second Punic War

The Third Punic War

The Roman soldiers who returned home after the Second Punic War had no work becuase they had been at war for so long, so Rome decided to go back into battle so these men had something to do. They went to Greece to fight Phillip V of Macedonia. They battled on the hills called Cynoscephalae. Rome won and became the masters of Greece.

Took place in and around the island of Sicily. Rome was fighting Carthage for the island. Roman navy was weak so they caught a Carthaginian ship and made replicas but added on a corvux which acted as a bridge so they could walk across onto a close opposing ship. This helped the Romans becasue it let them turn the sea battle into a land battle. Using the corvux, the Romans were able to win a decisive battle. After a while the Romans strengthened the navy and invaded Africa to cut off supplies into Sicily. The Carthiginians were then forced to sue for peace and head home. The Romans won the first Punic War.

The Second Punic war started when Rome declared was on Carthage becuase Hannibal (the new Carthaginian leader) crossed the Ebro River. Hannibal brought a massive army over two mountain ranges to end up looking into Italy's Po River Valley. There they made allies with the Gauls, who also hated the Romans. During the Battle of Cannae (216 BC) Hannibal's army totally destroyed the Roman army even though they were out numbered 2-1. The Carthaginian's were not able to sieze Rome so the war did not end there. Many years later, the Battle of Zama was fought. The Romans won this battle, forcing the Carthaginians to sue for peace. The Roman terms were very harsh.

Carthage had to give up Spain. Had to pay 10,000 talents for war damages. Carthage navy was limited to 10 ships, and was forbidden to raise an army without Rome's permission.

Carthage was attacked by a neighboring king, so asked Rome for permission to raise an army to defend themselves. Rome said no. The Carthaginians defended themselves anyway which led to the Romans to declare war. The Third Punic War was a siege of Carthage. The Romans killed the men, and enslaved the women and children. They also burned the city and ruined the fields so nothing could grow there again.

The First Punic War

264 BC - 241 BC

Conflict between Rome and Carthage

218 BC - 201 BC

Roman terms after the Second Punic War

149 BC - 146 BC

Hannibal and his large army

149 BC


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