[2015] Tayler Kaufman: The Punic Wars

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[2015] Tayler Kaufman: The Punic Wars

The Third Punic War

The Punic Wars

The First Punic War

Most of Rome's leaders were political leaders whohad never faught before.Battle after battle, Hannibal continued to destroy Rome's army.  The battle of Canai was the biggest. Hannibal was out numbered, but was able to surround themselves around the Romans and killed them. Half of the Roman military was killed.

The Second Punic War

20 years after Rome beat Carthage in the First Punic War, a boy named Hannibal who watched the King of Carthage give Rome the treaties, was now a soldier. He wanted to get back at Rome. Carthage was unable to fight at sea so needed to fight on land. They had to cross the Alps with 40,000 men, 1/3 of Hannibals men had died. The Second Punic War would be faught in Italy.

The First Punic War was between Rome and Carthage. The war began in the beginning of 264 BC and ended in 241 BC. Sicily was where the wars took place. Romans believe that the sacrifice of killing babies was the starting of Romes hatred for Carthage.

Carthrage had a great army at sea and Rome had never fought on waters before. The Romans needed to develop an army, Early during the war, the Romans found an abandoned war ship that was floating on the coast of Italy. They studied how the ship was built by taking it apart and then built hundreds of replicas of the war ship.

The Romans still had a disadvantage, so instead of fighting from a ways away, the created a ladder to bombard the Carthage ship. Rome and Carthage faught for 23 years until the Romans won the first Punic War. The Romans claimed Sicily and forced the King of Carthage to sign a treaty. The treaty meant that Carthage had to give its entire treaty to Rome.

The Second Punic War lasted 15 years. Scipio was a general that studied Hanibal and moved the Roman army to Africa. A final war took place in Africa. Here, Scipio defeated Hannibal and lost Spain, had to pay 10,000 talents for war damages, and wasn't allowed to build an army without permission from Rome.

Rome had won the Second Punic War. When the Romans came back home, they realized that the wealthy had bought their farms and used slaves to run them. The Romans who faught in the war, lost their jobs. The solution for them was to go back and fight the third and final Punic War.

A ambassador named Cato, who faught in the Second Punic War went to Carthage and saw that they had healthy fruit treas. Cato was mad because Carthage was rebuilding their economy and Cato didn't approve. Cato convinved the Senate to declare war.

The Third Punic War took place and the Romans yet again, won. Rome killed the men of Carthage and took the women and children. The city was soon burned to the ground. The Romans scattered salt on the fields so they could never be prospurous again. Carthaginian no longer exists.


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