[2015] Allison DeKrey: The Punic Wars

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[2015] Allison DeKrey: The Punic Wars

The Punic Wars

The First Punic WarRome built and equipped 330 ships since it had no navy and have never been in a sea battle, yet they emerged into battle. During the war, the Carthigian government failed to pay its army, and while they fought, Rome occupied Carthigain colonies, Sardinia and Corsica. The battle lasted 4 years and in 226 B.C, the Ebro treaty was signed which stated the Romans would hold Spanish territory north of the Ebro River, and Carthage the south, and neither could cross the boundary.

The Punic Wars were three separate wars between Carthage and Rome that began in 264 B.C and ended in 146 B.C by the destrution on Carthage. Rome had become the dominant power throughout the Italian peninsula, while Carthage had established itself as the leading port-of-call in the world. In 264 B.C, Rome and Carthage declared war against on one other for the conrol of Sicily.


The Second Punic WarTo the south of the border lay Roman ally Saguntum, Carthigian general, Hannibal- a sworn enemy of Rome, took it. Hannibal had his soldiers at the front line and pressed when they saw an advantage. Hannibal closed from behind and the sides, enveloping the Roman forces and defeated them. Hannibal sent an elephant charge when Rome attacked Carthage, which Rome deflected while under Scipio and caught Carthage inbetween two armies and defeated them. Rome had to surrender its navy, and could not make war without Rome's approval.



TheThird Punic WarThe Carthigians continued to pay their war debt to Rome, and when it was done, they considered their treaty was done as well. The Carthigians went to war with Numidia and were defeated. As they had gone to war without Rome's approval, they thought it was a threat to their peace.Rome went to Carthage and suggested the city should be destroyed and Carthigians refused. Scipio proteced his city for 3 years, and when it fell, Rome destroyed and burned the city to the ground. Carthage layed in ruins for 100 years until it was re-built after the death of Julius Caesar.


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