[2015] Liz Peterson: The Punic Wars

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[2015] Liz Peterson: The Punic Wars

Third War

The Punic Wars

264-146 B.C.

The second of the wars lasted from 218-201 B.C.

Carthage invaded, led by the well-known Hannibal.

Second War

The first of the wars lasted from 264-241 B.C.

First War

The Punic Wars was a sum of 3 different wars, that lasted for over a century.

These wars took place between Rome and Carthage.

The third war lasted from 149-146 B.C.

Rome gained control of Sicily and Corsica.

Rome was marked as having both the naval and land power.

The Romans ultimately captured and destroyed Carthage.

Africa was turned into another province of the Roman Empire.

However, this war ended with Rome in control of the Medditeranian as well as the region of Spain.


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