The Prosperous Twenties

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The Prosperous Twenties

The car today is just a normal thing for average people, but in the 1920's, the car was a new thing to America. The fisrt car was the Model T. The inventor of the car is Henry Ford. This craze over cars was called "The Ford Craze." He started his engineering career when he was 16 when he left home. He worked in a factory cleaning and fixing watches. It wasn't until about 1925 when his car career would insure that Henry Ford would become a person of the decade who was so inspirational. On one day the Model T was rolling off of the line every ten seconds. Although the cars were luxurious, they weren't too expensive. This is why a lot of people liked the Model-T. The Model-T was the base to almost all cars today and without the car, our transprotation today would be different.

The Prosperous Twenties

Flappers were young ladies between the ages of around fifteen and twenty-five. Flapper’s clothing defined them. They’re dresses were usually low cut, revealing her throat and her neck. The skirts rose a little bit below the knee and they wore silk stockings. Flappers had they’re very own theme song of youth. “In the morning, in the evening, Ain’t we got fun? Not much money, oh but honey, ain’t we got fun? The flapper changed the look and attitude of modern youth.

Henry Ford/Model T


On St. Valentine’s Day in 1929, a car drove up and four men, two them being police officers, got out and entered a garage. This garage was headquarters to Bugs Moran, a gang leader. The men stood up against the wall and shot down seven men inside. The massacre shocked the nation and made other gangs worrisome.

St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Jazz music was very popular in the 1920’s in the United States. It soon spread across the country with many types of jazz music. Jazz music really spoke to people in a way that music had never done before when they listened too it’s soothing or fun/spirited tone.

Jazz Music

New Inventions of the decade

Teapot Dome

The Twenties Fads included things like fashion, music, literature, and art. Fashion where lady’s fashion sense changed a little. Or like music, jazz was brought to other parts of the country, and literature and art was very influential to people across America giving them different perspectives.

Twenties Fads

The Teapot Dome Affair was one of the most notorious government scams in our country’s history. Albert B. Fall had persuaded Harding to transfer the control of three naval oil reserves from the Naval department to the Department of Interior in 1921.

Charles Lindbergh was “The Hero of the Skies” to most Americans. Charles Lindbergh was a airplane pilot who had big dreams and soon achieved them. At age twenty-six he flew over the Atlantic nonstop by himself. He had set an incredible record and achieved something that would never be forgotten.

Charles Lindbergh

Duke Ellington was a famous jazz musician. He was quite popular in his style of music and was admired by many. He really made history in the jazz industry.

Duke Ellington

New inventions were very common in the 1920’s United States. The radio was one famous one, it was a good way of family entertainment and they were very expensive and were even the weight of a furniture piece. Some other inventions were the hairdryer, the refrigerator, and food mixers. One very important invention was the penicillin, the first antibiotic that changed the medical world. These inventions changed America for the better.


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