The progressive era

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The progressive era

The Keating-Owen Act was passed, just to later be declared unconstitutional in 1918 by the Supreme Court because Congress could not regulate local labor conditions.

Fun Fact: To this day, Nike haschildren as young as five working for over 8 hours a day and very little pay.

The Progressive Era (The Turn of the Century)






President Woodrow Wilson approved and signed into law the "Tax on Employment of Child Labor." This placed a ten percent tax on businesses who hired children under the age of fourteen.

The number of children working in the U.S. increased to two million. Industries hired children as young as five and six to work eighteen to twenty hours a day.

A census was taken to reveal that over one million children, ages 10 to 15, were working in America.

Child Labor

Every statehad a provision banning children under fourteen from working. Thirty-six states also had a law banning children under sixteen from working at night or for more than eight hours a day.

A boy lost his arm while using a saw at a factory.

"Lad Fell To Death in Big Coal Chute" One boy, 15, had both his legs burned and injured. Another fell to his death. Both occurred while enduring unlawful and unconstitutional labor.

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