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The Progress Express



Due to the recent acceptance of the Sherman Antitrust Act, the United States government seems to be moving out of tough times and into promising ones. This new law outlaws trusts, monopolies, and other businesses that restrict trade or reduce competition. Therefore, businesses like John D. Rockerfeller's Standard Oil Company can no longer legally function because it is a monopoly. A monopoly is a company that can charge any price because it is the only business in the particular trade while a trust is the grouping of numerous companies in a particular trade to rule said trade. Consequently, citizens of the Unites States will soon feel more safe and economically sound due to more competition between buisnesses, causing the reduction of prices of goods and services.

July 1890


Born in Lancaster, Ohio, John Sherman has been an American Republican representative, Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of State, and a senator . Being the principal author of the recently passed Sherman Antitrust Act, Sherman is trying to help rebuild the United State's monetary system. Sherman also had effects in previous economic movements such as numerous immigration acts, the Mongrel Tariff, the Silver Purchase Act, and more. John Sherman is perhaps the most hard working man to help put the United State's economy back on its feet.


On the South side of Chicago, there is a ''company town'' which is inhabited by Pullman railway car workers. In this ''company town,'' the workers pay Pullman to live there, pay Pullman to eat there, and pay Pullman for any other expense. But recently, the Pullman company has slashed salaries, but has not slashed the price of living in the town. This has caused countless workers to go bankrupt and owe the company mass amounts of money. Exclusively from the ''Progress Express'' is a proposition for a solution to this problem. We at the ''Express'' feel that the Pullman workers should boycott and strike the Pullman company altogether. By getting the majority of the workers to strike, the railway apparatus will stop at once, causing no transportation to happen in a huge area; this will also cause the Pullman company to accommodate to the worker's needs or it will go bankrupt itself. It is a risky move, but it might have significant consequences.

In recent times, Clément Ader of Muret, France has proposed a flying machine that he has named the Ader Éole. Ader claimed that he ''made a steam-engine powered low-level flight of approximately 160 feet on the estate of a friend. '' Unfortunately, this glide is not considered the first human flight yet. This is because of two things: ''it was not capable of a prolonged flight (due to the use of a steam engine) and lacked adequate provisions for full flight control.'' Inspired by his close encounter with victory, Ader plans to revise his Ader Éole and make improvements before someone else takes flight.



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