The profile of Commodore Matthew Perry

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The profile of Commodore Matthew Perry

The Profile of Commodore Matthew Perry

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Matthew Calbraith Perry 1794-1858

Early yearsPerry was born on April 10,1794 in Rocky Brook,Rhode Island in the United States. His Familt was very wealthy and well respected. His family was very involved in the Navy, His older brother Oliver Hazard Perry was a Naval commander. Matthew's Father Chistopher Perry was a Naval officer. Perry started his Navy carreer at the age of 15 under his brother's name. His first Navy experience was on his brother's ship. He fought in the battle of lake Erie in the War of 1812. Two years after the war he then married his wife, Jane Siddell in 1814.

Perry's Second trip to JapanIn 1854 Perry returned to Japan with an even larger fleet of ships. He re-entered Edo harbour with 4 ships, 3 steamboats, 4 sailing ships and about 1,600 men. Because the Japanese were aware of the return of the Americans they had reinforced their harbour defenses this included mobilizing their samurai and sent them to harbour forts. Perry threatened the Bakufu to burn down their city. The Bakufu, intimidated by Perry's threat agreed to sign the Treaty of Kanasawa. The Bakufu and Shogun were pleased because they had partaken in an agreement that allows the Japanese to stay independant and in control of their country. In this treaty only two of Perry's obectives were met. American sailors would be helped if shipwrecked along Japan coast and two supply and coal ports were opened to the Americans. Though no trade agreement was achieved.

The Father of the Steam NavyIn 1837 Perry was the first to oversee the building of the first navy steamship. He named the ship the Fulton and was it's very first captain. The Fulton was the first steam boat in the U.S navy. Perry believed that with an army of steam boats the U.S navy would become a more powerful force. These steambooats were stronger and faster than their previous ships. Perry eventually brought many of these steamships on his mission to Japan.

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Perry's First Mission to JapanIn 1850 Perry was the first to introduce the idea of trading with Japan. Perry thought Japan would be a good alley because it was in an ideal spot for sailors to refuel their ships. Perry wanted 3 things from Japan. He wanted to be able to get coal and supplies, the protection of his sailors and other American ships and for saliors who are shipwrecked along Japan's coast to be helped. Perry set sail for Japan in 1852 and arrived at the Edo harbour in 1853. He was told that all foreign ships were to dock in Nagasaki bay. Perry refused to move his four warships. The ships of the Americans were 6 times larger than any other Japanese ship. Unmoved by the 5000 samurai soldiers, Perry met with the Japanese officials. With his offer of trade with the Japanese rejected,Perry returned to the U.S.A empty handed and promised to return.

This is a woodblock print of Perry from around 1854

This is a digital story on Perry and his travels to Japan. It was published on "Youtube" on April 11,2011

This is a drawing of Perry's warships.

This is an image of the American sailors arriving in Edo harbour in 1853.

This is a woodblock print of Perry talking with Japanese officals.


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