The Pro DHMO debate

by sherlocksscarves
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The Pro DHMO debate

Dihydrogen MonoxideMany groups believe that DHMO is a deadly chemical that shoudl eb eradicated. However, that is the complete opposite of the truth! DHMO is a naturally occuring chemical that is so engrained in human life that it would be nearly impossible to remove.

DHMODihydrogen Monoxide

Practical Uses Household productsMilitary usesCarsFactoriesIncreases athletic performanceCult ritualsEmily Chippendale does not support any cult rituals

What is DHMO?DHMO is short for Dihydrogen Monoxide. It is used in many household products, such as baby food, cleaners, and bathroom products. The debate now is wether or not DHMO is truly a harmful chemical or if it is not.

DHMO is naturally occuring If you look at the chemical makeup of DHMO, you'll likely recognize it as something you use everyday! It occurs in nature very frequently and is actually needed to sustain life as we know it.

In ConclusionDHMO has no concrete evidence that it truly is dangerous and, seeing as how useful it is, it would be a shame to see it gone. Take a stand and stand by DHMO!Another reason we shouldn't ban DHMO is that it is just water. This is all a big hoax that people fell for.


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