The Preschool Years

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Social Studies

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The Preschool Years

Social Development*Empathy is shown by trying to comfort others who are in distress (Sprenger, 2002).*Has difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction (Healthy Children, 2009)*Can take turns(Healthy Children, 2009).*Gender and racial identity emerge (Healthy Kids, 2009) *Self concept develops(Feldman, 2012).

Interesting FactPreschoolers process signals and cues from their brains and inner ears that may cause a temporary decrease in their ability to maintain good balance as they approach their fourth or fifth birthdays. (Stricker, 2006)

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Cognitive Development*The right hemisphere develops faster than the left: more kinesthetic, imaginative, and spontaneous (Sprenger, 2002).*Memory and attention span improve (Feldman, 2012).*Names colors, some numbers (Healthy Children, 2009).*Can recall parts of a story (Healthy Children, 2009).*Sorts by shape and/or color (Healthy Children, 2009).

Fun Activities*String beads (use number or alphabet ones for academic rigor)*Paint with different mediums (straws, brushes, fingers, bubble wrap, etc.)*Read daily*Get out and play; go for a hike; talk and enjoy nature(Healthy Kids, 2009).

ThePreschool Years(3-6 year olds)

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Physical Development*Body becomes more muscular and less rounded (Feldman, 2012)*Handedness develops(Feldman, 2012)*Can copy circles and some letters. (Healthy Children, 2009)*Hops on one foot for 5 seconds (Healthy Children, 2009)*Kicks a ball forward (Healthy Children, 2009)


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