The Powerful Female Egyptian Rulers

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The Powerful Female Egyptian Rulers

Another powerful femal Pharaoh was Meryt-Neith who was believed to have ruled in the first dynasty, She only ruled for about three years, but she still made a large impact.

Known for her striking beauty was female ruler Nefertiti. She ruled next to her husband, Pharaoh Akhenaten. She and her husband established the cult of Aten and promoted artwork heavily.

One of the most powerful Egyptian woman was Hatshepsut. She strongly led her people by building temples to worship the gods.She ruled over Egypt for over 20 years and made a huge impact.

The Powerful Female Egyptian Rulers

Sobeknofru was another powerful leader. She came into rule during a time of civil unrest followed my anarchy. Ancient masterpieces picture her wearing royal clothing which was a way of delcaring that she was as good as an male ruler.

One ruler that was very famous and popular was Cleopatra. She was a very smart and intelligent ruler and she even studied Astromony, which was very rare for that time. She became ruler at only 18!

Twosoret was said to be the last Pharaoh of the 19th dynasty. She gained co-regents with her stepson Septah, but eventually rose to complete power and declared herself Pharoh.

Known as one of the most mysterious of the femal rulers is Nitocris. She is said to have ruled during the sixth dynasty but there is little evidence about anything else during her rule.

We hear so much about the male Pharaoh of the Ancient Egyptians, but what most do not know is how effective the female rulers were on the culture of Egypt.

(Female Pharaohs TImeline)Merty-Neith(3000) Sobeknofru(1767-1759) Nefertiti(1336) Cleopatra(51)--|-------|--------------------|---------------------------|------|---------------|--------------|---------- Nitocris (2148-2144) Hatshepsut(1473-1458) Twosret(1187-1185)

The ancient Egyptian female pharaohs strongly dictated the letter 'P' which stands for Political. The female Pharaohs changed and decided the way in which the city or area was to be run which greatly influenced the political standpoint of their area. They basically WERE the "politics" of that time.


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    Did the female rulers have to be "pretty" to rule?

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    I thought that the Pharaohs could only be men and that Hatshepsut had broken the whole system by becoming ruler?!? Am I like totally off? haha