The Power of the Brain

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Human Anatomy

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The Power of the Brain

Tip: Laughing helps your creative thinking.Tip: TV puts the brain on neutral avoid watching too much of itTip: Eat beans. They boost your brain powerTip: Exercising stimulates growth in brain cellsTip: Play with your brain by starting a hobby, solving puzzles, or reading challenging books.

- Mental athletes memorize hundreds of numbers for competitions - The brain is very effective at remembering pictures and associating words and numbers with pictures. - Joshua Foer became USA’s top memory master in a single year of training. - Surprisingly mental athletes still misplace their car keys. - We live through what we remember.

"Brain Food"

- A vegetative state is when a persons brain doesn’t respond to sights, sounds, or jabs. - Neuroscience is investigating what it’s like to be in a vegetative state. - Science of consciousness determining whether someone is conscious. - The Brain is basically a computer. Like a computer scientists can monitor our brains and determine what someone is thinking. - The Brain pulls the illusion that we control all of our brain and our state of consciousness. consciousness is really just tons of little events that we interpret.

Brain Parts SongBy Aaron Wolf

- as long as humans know where to find information we are less likely to remeber the info.- Human's with access to computers are remembering where to find the info rather than the actual info- The internet has become our primary external storage system- The human memory is adapting to new communications technologies- These new developments in how we remeber has been described as the rise of transactive memory. In the future we may become completely reliant upon computers keeping our memories and history.

- NAMI stands for the National Alliance on mental illness - a stroke occurs when a blood vessel explodes in the brain - Our brain has 2 hemispheres. The right hemisphere focuses on the now and the current situation while our left hemisphere focuses on the past and future - When a stroke hits you become similar to an infant losing all motor skills, memories and the ability to read and write. - When a stroke occurs on the left side of the brain the right side takes over and a person can only experience the flood senses. With no ability to distinguish and make sense of taste, touch, feel, sight, and hearing it becomes noise and everything meshes together.

- There cannot be peace until we find peace within ourselves - The heart is the strongest generator of electrical and magnetic fields in the body - A study in 1993 documented that 8 weeks of 4000 people practicing meditation in Washington D.C. dropped the crime rate by 25% - Our culmination of negative thoughts create natural disasters. Everytime you think badly of someone you help power the next earthquake. - In order to help the world succeed you must meditate


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