The Power of Stories

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The Power of Stories

The Powerof Stories

In her story, for instance, I wish that I could know more about her brother, who she mentions at the start.

Stories can teach us. Jill Bolte Taylor shares her ideas, by telling the story of her stroke. She gives us an insight into her mind, and shows us what really happens. We learn about what happens inside our own brains, through her story, and it makes us want to know more, not just about her, but about the people and places she speaks of.

Storytelling lets us share our thoughts, memories, and ideas. Carmen Agra Deedy told the story of taking her mother to a shopping mall, and through that, she told us the story of a person, her mother, and who she is. She told the story to share her love for her mother, and to help us find the same love within ourselves.

What was her relationship with her mother? What happened after they went into the mall? Did she ever see those people again? If you are left hungering for more, then the story was a good one.

In her TED talk, A Powerful Stroke of Insight, Jill Bolte Taylor tells of her experience, as a neuroscientist, watching herself have a stroke. In her own words, "wow! This is so cool!"

A simple trip to the mall tells us exactly who this woman is, and makes us want to meet her. Every good story is a piece of art. It draws in the senses, and describes everything, to create a picture in your mind. Still, though, they leave you wondering.

What Makes a Good Storyteller?

Carmen Agra Deedy says that good storytelling is "crafting a story that someone wants to listen to." In her TED talk, Once Upon a Time, My Mother ..., she demonstrates exactly what she means. Every piece of the tale is placed together, to create a beautiful masterpiece that tells the story of her mother, through a single event.

What Makes a Good Story?

She uses her whole body when speaking, and draws the audience into it, with humor, awe, and thoughtfulness. She reapeats words for impact, or sometimes, imitates the people she speaks of. She uses noises, or even props, to demonstrate her points. An expressive storyteller is a good storyteller.

Why Do We Tell Stories?


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