The Power of Six

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The Power of Six

The Power Of Six

Genre: Dystopian ,Age level: young adult

THEY know about the charm.THEY know about legacies.THEY caught number one, number two,and number three.

THEY killed them all.I AM NUMBER SEVEN. ONE OF "SIX" ALIVE.WE are growing stronger.

WE are starting to come together.WE are ready to fight.WE ARE THE LAST DEFENSE.

Hello! My name is James Frey. a.k.a The author of "I am number Four" series.

5 facts about James Frey------------------------------------1. Before Frey began his writing career, he held several jobs in the Chicago area while studying at the Art Institute of Chicago.2. Frey graduated from Denison University in Granville, Ohio, in 1992.3. James Christopher Frey was born on September 12, 1969 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States.4. he wrote a book called a million peices to show people about his life.5. He moved alot when he was a child

Setting----------------------------Six, Seven, and Ten are at spain. After the mogs attacked them. So they are trying to get to Five or Eight. And John and Nine are going to spain to catch up to them.

-John (Number 4) is a alien that looks like a human (Like the 9 others.) but has special abilities. -His most prized posession is either his beagle Bernie Kosar ( Is a alien called Chimæra) Or the ashes of his Cêpan Henri.


I am number 4 A planet called loric has aliens with powers. Then a war happened. The loric were losing so they sent 10 special children to earth to train and get abilities to fight back. (144)

Sneak PeakThere is thunder everywhere. Black clouds hovering over me. All I see is a mog on top of me about to slash me with his sword. All wet and about 8 feet tall. This is it. Im about to die. I wanna scream to Ella (ten) to run away but I can't say a word I'm too scared, terrified, I'm dead. Then a lightning bolt strikes it. They mogadorian turns to ash. “ELLA WE GOTTA RUN” I scream. Then I see Hector, over Craytons shoulder. Bleeding. I gotta help him. I love him. Then the mogs shoot a cannon straight at me. Then a lightning bolt also hits it. All the mogs are getting surrounded by the black clouds. All I see is sunshine but they, they see darkness. Then a girl comes falling straight down to the sand. I see her blue pendant. “SHES ONE OF US!”-Marina (seven)

Never trust humans that might be working with the mogs (If your from Lorien). Because they will back stab you. And might leave you heart broken.


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