The Potawatomi Trail of Death

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The Potawatomi Trail of Death

3.)The positive of this was for the benefit of the squatters, and it was that the Potawatomi Indians left. The negative of this was for the Potawatomi and it was that they had to suffer and lose family to illnesses.

1.)General facts The Potawatomi "Trail of Death" is a 660 mile journey! It started on September 4th, 1838 through November 4th,1838. The Potawatomi was a smaller nation, which consisted of only 859 people to begin with. Through the journey, 41 people died, and many ran away.. The cause of these deaths is said to be scarce water and typhoid.

2.)Why Did It Happen?The "Trail of Death" was the forced removal of the Potawatomi Indians from north central Indiana to eastern Kansas. This tragic event occured because the squatters who settled on Potawatomi land feared they would take up the land, so they wanted them to leave. They took their issue to Governor David Wallace, and he talked to many other settlers, and decided that the Indians should leave. He appointed John Tipton to help with the removal on August 27th, 1838.

4.)Why Is This Important?I think this event is important in history because it shows us that just because others are different from what people considered "normal", it doesn't mean that their values should be different from ours. We are all the same on the inside, we just have different skin tones and personalities! It is also important because it helps us learn from the mistakes that our ancestors made and make sure to never let it happen again.

The Potawatomi on their journey

5.)GlossaryScarce-Insufficient or non-abundantTyphoid-Also called typhoid fever, an inctious, fataldisease, usually in summer which usually is causes intestinel inflamation Squatter-who settles on land or occupies property without title, right, or payment of rent.

The Trail of Death sign used to mark where their journey began

The Potawatomi "Trail of Death"

Map of the Trail of Death

Potawatomi Symbol


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