The Post-It-Note

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The Post-It-Note

The Post-It-Note

Post-it-notes are used for many different things and ways. Some people prefer it as a bookmark, and others might need it to help them remember something important. The reason it was made was because the collage students' bookmarks kept falling out! People can do great things with post-it-notes, like the small mural above.

1974-The Post-It-Note

Why It's Important

The structure is thepaper, and the stickypart. The function isthat it is a remindingtool, or a place holder.

1) Post-it-notes were invented on this accident: one of the co-inventers was trying to make a strong adhesive for a plane, but it ended up as super weak!2) There are also computer versions of post-it-notes.3) One couple lost $800,000.00 to a question about the post-it-note!

Did You Know?

The post-it-note was invented in 1974 by Spencer Silver. Once made, he took it to Aurthur Fry's college, where he saw him with his bookmarks kept faling out. Aurthur and he put it on his book-mars, and he saw that they stayed on! From there, he put it on small slips of paper, and created the post-it-note!

Spencer Silver

Aurthur Fry

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Spencer Silver


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