The Portuguese Empire 1450-1750

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The Portuguese Empire 1450-1750

Portugalhad lots of disputes with Muslim traders, and competition with Spain to conquer more land.

Portuguese had to conquer a lot of trading posts, to eliminate the middle man, and evade Muslim ships

Manuel I Leader of Portugal Brazil was colonized during his reign

The Portuguese Empire 1450-1750

Prince Henry the Navigator1394-1460he established trade routes, spread christianity, created maps of the West African coast, and he founded the school of navigation

Vasco Da Gama1460-1539He introduced new ways for Portugal to trade by rounding the tip of Africa so that they could bypass the muslim traders

portugal had strong warships, that were sent out to conquer trading posts, and fight Muslim traders.

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Line of DemarcationPope Alexander VI divided the world in half between Spain and Portugal the line was changed three times.

Portugaul was a Christian empire and everything that they did was for the church of god and wealth

The empire of Portugal began to lose power when Britian became the economic powerhouse in the 1600s

Portugal only had one colony and that was in Brazil but it got most of its money from conquering ports and control much of the Indian Ocean trade and african trade


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