The political weakness of weimar government

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World War II

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The political weakness of weimar government

Hitler was an Austrian-born German politician who joined the German worker's party(DAP) in 1919.Later,he renamed it the National Socialist German workers party(NSDAP or Nazi party)and became its leader in 1921.A veteran of world war 1,he was unhappy with Germany's humiliation at the Paris Peace conference,and sought to establish a new world order with Germany as the domination leader.While in prison for his failed coup in 1923,he wrote his memoir, Mien Kampf(or "my struggle"),which also outlined his political beliefs.After his release,Hitler quickly gained popular support throught his leadership,personal abilities and his promises to the Germans.By1934,he became the supreme leader of Germany,and would eventually lead Germany to start world war 2 in Europe in 1939. During the war,his policies resulted in the systematic murder of 11 million people,including 6million jews.In the final days of war in1945,on the brink of defeat, Hilter committed suicide to avoid.

Circumstances leading to the rise of Nazism in Germany -political

~1919 Treaty of versailles signed(feb: the weimar government form)~1923 Munich putsch failed ;Hitler arrested and sent to prison~1928 Hitler's Nazi party won only3% of votes in Reichstag~1929 Great Depression brought recession and economic woes to Germany~1932 Jul:Nazis won more seats than any other party in Reichstag Nov: Nazi lost 34 seats in the Reichstag;Hilter sought to gain power through other avenues rather than elections~1933:30Jan:Hitler appointed chancellor 27 Feb: Reichstag fire 28Feb:Hindenburg issued Emergency Decree 22Mar:The first concentrationcamp set up at Dachau 24Mar: The Enabling Act allowed Hitler to pass decrees without the need for the president's approval 14Jul:Law against the formation of new parties-Germany became a one party state~1934 30Jun:Night of the long knives Aug:president Hindenburg died the Hitler became Fuehrer,merging powers of chancellor and president~1935 Hitler passed the nuremburg laws- excluding jews from German society~1938 Nov: Night of broken glass~1942 20Jan: Wannsee conference- Decision to kill all jews

-Weaknesses of weimar government-Constitution and proportional representation-People voted for a party rather than specific candidates,resulting in very fragmented parliment-Too many small parties competing,no party with majority-Resulting in coalition government- When coalition parties will not compromise,difficult to pass law -The coalition government frequently changed causing instability in Germany-However ,what constituted'emergency' was not defined.~WEAK SUPPORT*Spartacist Rebellion*Kapp Pustch

Opposition from the left and right wing

Left-wing opposition* Influenced by Russian Bolsheviks and opposed democracy*Led the communist Spartacist rebellion in Berlin

The political weakness of the weimar government

Timeline(Hitler's Germany

ADOLF HITLER(1889-1945)

Hitler - The Rise of Evil (Full Film)

Right-wing opposition* Disagreement with War Guilt Clause and viewed treaty of versailles as unfair to Germany*Wanted German expansion and dictatorial-style government


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