The Polar Region

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The Polar Region


Hi my name is Cathy Nguyen (New-Win) and I am going to talk to you about The Polar Region. The Polar Region is the coldest place on Earth. The Polar Region is The North, The South and Antarctica. The Polar Arctic Region has long cold winter and short cool summer. We can not live in the Polar Region because of the long cold winter and frezzing cold climates, people can not live in that climate. But the animals and plants that do live in the habitats have develope some unique methods for surviving the cold temperatures. Did you know, that in Ottawa special cameras by the goverment are watching the Arctic because the Arctic is shrinking rapidly since 2005.

Polar bears and other animals survive the cold by their Blubber. Blubber is used for warmth and heat. Most animals use Blubber to keep the heat in and the cold out. Most people kill animals to use their Blubber for heat to survive the cold. blubber works as a thick layer of heat to keep animals warm. Blubber is a thick fat layer, also called Adipose Tissue right under the animals skin. We can survive the cold by a coat that keep the warmth in, like Blubber does on animals. Only polar bears, seals, whales and other animals that live in a cold lake or ocean.

HELP SAVE THE ANIMALS IN DANGER!!!They need a home that will not be destroy, not melt or polluted. Help not only the polars bears help other animals in danger too.

Technology that is used to survive Polar Ice Regions are igloos to keep people warm and cozzy.

The Polar Region is an EXTREMEenvironment because when you are skiingan avalanche might come to you so WATCH OUT

The plants and animals that do live in these habitats have developed some uniqe mothods for surviving the frezzing cold temperature.


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