The Polar Bear

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The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear

Why is the polar bear theatened?The polar bear is theatended because Canada tempature ( in the northern part) is going up, and that and cause melting of the ice, warming up the water and melting snow. That can threaten the polar bear because its habitat is in the cold water and snow. This "warming" of the weather effects the polar bears not just in a habitat way but in hunting way to. The polar bear depend on the cold to hunt and eat ( such as the seals and orca whales). Unless the clamite temature drops majorly ; the polar bears will die at a very fast rate. That is why the polar bears are theatened.

How Is The Polar Bears location is affacted. As every body knows polar bears live in cold climates , and colder provinces, ( such as Nunivit and Manitoba). Both of those provencies are in Canada and Canada wehter has been going up a lot, so the snow is melting in the polar bears habiat. So pretty much the polar bears habaitat is being affected by climate change.

What is presently being to save the Polar Bear? As we all know the polar bear is in great dange and many comanys are trying to help to save the polar bear ( such as coka cola ect.) But it is not just comanys that are helping our government is doing graet things to help the polar bear, such as getting more genalral information to save them. Also the government is etablising a national plan to save tyhe polar bears. This plan will consist of helping the polar hunt ect. That is what is presenly being done to help.

Their DietThe polar bear has a greatly large diet that can contain of seasls, orca whales , baluga whales and walursuses. The polar bears prefere seals over the other animals they hunt. A 212 pound seal can last the polar bear up to 21 meals. Did you know polar bears can smell a seal up to 20 miles away. The type of seals the polar preferes harp, hooded, and ribbon seals. that is what the polar bears diet is.

By: Madalyn Mostacci

Mrs.Battista Grade 6

The polar Bear is going extinct with only 20,000 to 25,000 known species in the world. The polar bear has been having a big decrese in species left in the world.

Did you know thatCanada is home to 60% of the worlds polar bears and mostare from Manioba.

This is what a full grown polar bear looks like.

This is the range of the polar bears in Canada ( where they live.)

Most polar bears live in the northern part of Canada.


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