The Plight of Women

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The Plight of Women

"Say she was a fool perhaps; and her place would be filled up with advertisement."(Joyce 1)

"Look lively, Miss Hill, please." (Joyce 1)

Then she would be married-- she, Eveline. People would treat her with respect her then. She would not be treated as her mother had been."(Joyce 1)

"She always gave her entire wages-- seven shillings--... but the trouble was to get any money from her father."(Joyce 2)

Eveline suffers the plight of women through constant women stereotyping but becasue she breaks the normal sterotype she is harsly critisized.

"It was hard work-- a hard life."(Joyce 2)

"She had hard work to keep the house together and to see that the two young children went to school regularly."(Joyce 2)

"Of course she had to work hard, both in the house and at buisiness."(Joyce 1)

The Plight of Women

Women are expected to put on a certain facade of politness and happiness. To go along with the stereotype of how women are just pretty faces.

Women are expected to give all their earnings to the man in charge since dealing with finances is a mans job. To go along with the stereotype that women should not deal with money.

Women are expected to clean the house and care for the children. To follow the stereotype that women are just homemakers and can do nothing else.

Women are expected to follow the rules of courtship and the rules of marriage. To go along with the stereotype that men dominate over women.

Women are expected to follow the societal rules but when broken gossip and rumors spread.

Paige Ewing, Alex Spina, Bailee Welsh


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