The Platypus

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The Platypus

SCIENTIFIC NAMESThe platypus also belongs to the the Monotremata order, the Ornithorhynchidae family its genus is Ornithorhynchus and its species is Anatinus.

A platypus makes its habitat by burrowing a hole or trench in the riverside, just enough so they can fit.The Platypus has an average life span of 10-13 years, the unique mammal ranges 30-60cm in length and 1-3kg in weight.

BASIC FACTSName: PlatypusScientific Name: Ornithorhynchus anatinusNative Country: AustraliaHabitat: Freshwater lakes and riversin eastern Australia and Tasmania.

The Platypus

The platypus is a native australian mammal. It is well known for its iconic appearance.The platypus has a long, rubbery bill and hasa furry, brown coat of fur that has three layers; the first to supply warmth, the second traps in warmth and the third protects the mammal from hard, sharp objects.

SCIENTIFIC NAMESThe platypus belongs to the Animalia kingdom.It belongs to the Chordata phylum and belongs to the Mammalia class.

PLATYPUS CLASSIFICATION-The platypus is a vertebrate because of its spinal column along its back.-The platypus has an endoskeleton because its skeleton is inside its body.-Alike all mammals, the platypus is warm-blooded because its blood temperature constantly varies.

INTERESTING FACTS- The platypus is one of the few mammals that reproduce by laying eggs.-Male platypuses don't have teeth, they chew with strong plates in their mouth.-Whenever disturbed, the platypus makes a deep, growling noise.-Some platypuses' bites can be venomous.

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