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Gyres A gyre is a large circular current. This current collects large amouns of trash, if you go there you can see just a fraction of all the litter we have put in the ocean. A gyre is not just all trash imgine it being trash soup. There are 5 major gyres in the world. Athough there are many small gyres around the world, the large ones collect the most amount of trash. The masses of trash can grow up to the size of kansas.

Ocean PollutionMany people litter, and most people have littered at least once a day. When people litter, the trash gets washed or blown away. The chance of that litter ending up the ocean is very high in fact it has an 80% chance of reaching the ocean. Those pieces of trash never really leave the ocean, they dont leave because plastics dont bio-degrade, they photo-degrade

Solution The solution is ovbious, we need to be more aware of what we are doing. We have to stop using single use plastics like shopping bags, zip lock bags, water bottles, and plastic untelcils. We can replace these things with reusible shoppingbags, tepperware, a bento box, metal water bottles, and just bring metal utensils. You should also reuse, reduce, and recycle anything trash/plastic you use.

Cause and EffectWhen people bring up cause and effect, the ocean, and pollution people think of all the cute little sea animals dieing a horrible death from choking on OUR plastic or dying form the chemicals in OUR plastic. When they choke and die from OUR plastic thier predator will come and eat them and have that chemical filled plastic in their bodies, and eventually die from the chemicals. This goes on until a shark,orca, or any other big fish eats the other chemical infested prey and now your litter has killed many helpless sea cretures. This cycle comes in place with every piece of litter in the ocean.


BPABPA is a cemical bilding block that is used primarily to make polycarbonare plastic and epoxy resins. it gets in your body the fastest by being in your food and drinks. if your water bottle has a 3 or 7 on the bottom that means it has "BPA" in it. dont put plastic in the microwave because when the plastic gets hot it will melt and if the plastic you use has BPA in it the melted plastic you were using you will get that BPA in your food. this is a big concern because when you ingest BPA there is a risk of cancer and birthdefects. instead of plastic use glass and usebpa free water bottles.

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