The Plant Life Cycle

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The Plant Life Cycle

-The seed coat protects the seed.-The middle of the seed is a source of food for the seed.-The embryo is the baby plant.

The Plant Life Cycle

Plant Life CycleThe plant starts out as a seed. What do seeds need to sprout? If you said water, soil, and sunlight, you are correct! After the seed begins to sprout, it will eventually grow enough and create a flower bud. Then, the flower will finally bloom. WIthin the flower, there are tiny seeds. These seeds will get buried into the soil again, and another flower will be on it's way to growing!

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Why do plants need roots?Plants need roots to help anchor themselved in the ground. It is also how they receive their nutrients.

The 4 Stages1. Seed2. Seed germination3. Plant Growth4. Reproduction

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