The Plant Cell like army base

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Cell Biology

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The Plant Cell like army base

The plant cell is like an Army Base

The Nucleus acts as the cell's control center, directing the cell's activities. Just like a general.

The Cell Membrane knows what goes in or out the plant cell. It is just like the security at the entrance of an army base.

The Vacuole stores water,food,and other materials for the cell. It's just like the storage room. It stores their guns and much more!

The Cell Wall protects and supports the cell. It is just like a high barbed wire fence.

The Endoplasmic Reticulum produces proteins for the cell. It is just like the scientists in an army base. They make powerful objects.

The Golgi Apparatus receives protein from the ER, packages them,and sends them to the parts that need it. Its like their trucks.

The Chloroplast absorbs sunlight and makes food for the cell. This is just like the chefs. They make food for the soldiers.

The Mitochondria makes food into energy. This is just like the the funding for the army.Without it they can't do or make anything.