The Plain Indians

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The Plain Indians

ReligionThe worship of the Great Spirit was key to their beliefs. A dance performed called the Sun Dance was a way to show respect and love for their gods. This dance would often take place over the span of four days; much of it spent staring up at the sun. Powwows were one of the Plains Indian ceremonies. A powwow was a celebration or prayer to the Great Spirit.

FoodThe Plain Indians hunted buffalo as their main source of food. The fresh meat was either roasted on a stick over the fire or boiled, sometimes with fresh vegetables. The Indians also made a sort of sausage by stuffing meat and herbs into the buffalo's gut. No part of the buffalo went to waste, including the brain.

Society and Gender roles-The men would be assigned to hunt, traveling in groups. -The women would stay back at the camp, watching the children, weaving blankets, and cooking-Plain Indians are well-known for the importance of the buffalo, their religious ceremonies, and the use of the tepee.

The Plain Indians By: Andrea Doto

The buffalo was the most important natural resource of the Plain Indians and provided basic needs.

Housing The tepee. The tepee was made by leaning long poles together and covering them with buffalo hide. The long poles of the tepee were dragged behind a horse and used to carry the belongings of the Indians when they moved their village.

Map Of the Plain Tribes(Main tribes are Dakota, Cheyenne, Sioux, and Comanche)


Major AccomplishmentsBattles Wars Lifestyles The famous Teepee


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