The plague

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The plague

The plague, also known as the Black Death, was known to have killed about 1.4 million people in the middle ages. England at the time had no medical cure for the "Black Death." The Black Death arrived in England in October 1347. Twelve ships docked in England. The people of the docks where met by a horrible suprise, most of the sailors where dead, and the ones who were alive, were severly ill.

The plague is a bacterial infection found mainly in rodents and their flesh.

The plague

The plague was one of the worst diseases during the middle ages. In Europe at the time, it was at its worst. But at the same time it was the best environment for the plague, everything was all dirty and grundgy, so it was easy for it to spread. People were dying left and right every day, and they didn't have a way to stop it.

Many prayed for the dead

The nursery rhyme ring around the rosie, is about the plague. It explains how the plague effected people. "Ring around the Rosie" means the rash that people got from the disease was a circle with a mark in the middle that made it look like a rose. "Pocket full of Possie" people often carried flowers in thier pockets to cover the smell of death. "Ashes ashes" they would burn the houses of the people with dieases in hopes of stoping the spreading. "We all fall down" many dead people who died from the diease layed in piles in the streets because they simply collapsed and people were afraid to touch them.

The Deadly Rhyme


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