[2014] Amelia S: the pinjarra battle :)

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[2014] Amelia S: the pinjarra battle :)

Who was involved?: the people involved were Thomas Peel, captain Ellis, Nyungar troopers, British authorities, a party of men that was led by James Stirling, Thomas Peel was the land holder, James Stirling was the governor, Ellis was sent with the troopers to chat to the indigenous people near the river bank.

Why did they fight in the first place?: The Nyungar people wanted all their land so they were fighting for it. So when the colonists built fences and farm buildings, the Nyungars reaction was to destroy the crops and farm buildings, the Nyungar people began to fight for their food and their resources.

When did the frontier conflict happen? Paragraph one: the frontier conflict happened at swan River colony in Western Australia, Perth in 1829. The battle began when the colonists moved in and settled into the Nyungar peoples land.

What happened and why did it happen?: The colonists came to the place the Nyungar people were already the colonists did things the Nyungar people didn’t like, so there were clashes with the indigenous Australians. Three Nyungar people were arrested for stealing. They were brought to Fremantle for trial, they were guilty and whipped in public. The Calyute tried to ambush Thomas Peel for revenge but they killed the soldier Nesbit instead of Thomas then the soldiers went to where the Nyungar people were because they were the ones who did it, so the soldiers killed some of them for killing Nesbit. They had guns but the Nyungar people had spears. The British authorities said that 15 warriors were killed and no woman and children were killed, but the Nyungar people say that lots of people lost their lives including woman and children.

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