[2014] Anna B: the pinjarra battle

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[2014] Anna B: the pinjarra battle

When the new settlers came into Pinjarra, they started to build over land that the Nyungar people had. They hunted for animals which the Nyungar people thought was wrong so they started to burn down the buildings that the new settlers had made and destroyed things that the settlers owned. The new settlers reacted to this by fighting against the Nyungar people and killing many of them. They destroyed many things by fighting. The Binjareb Nyungars plotted to ambush Thomas Peel and throw a spear at him.

The Pinjarra battle was an unfortunate time in history, and a time where many people were killed. It was when the white people and the Indigenous people fought for their own land.

The Pinjarra battle was the frontier conflict, which began on the 28th of October 1829. The Pinjarra battle started in Perth, Western Australia near the Swan River colony.

When and where the Pinjarra battle happened

when and why it happened

In the Pinjarra battle how did the Binjareb Nyungar people destroy the stuff that the new settlers owned?

The Nyungar people destroyed the things of the new settlers by lighting fires, spearing things or driving them away with their spears. Later on the Nyungars were able to get forces to come and overthrow the settlement that Thomas Peel wanted.

Western Australia,Swan River


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Fight between black man and white man

The Frontier Conflict and Pinjarra Battle



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