The Pigman

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by ChanelyLagos
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The Pigman


This story takes place around 1960s. We have three main characters. First we have Lorraine who is your typical goody two shoes. Who is a bit insecure and dreams to become a author. Next we John who is your typical bad boy known for his looks and pranks. He dreams to become a actor. Last we have Mr.Pignati a very friendly and lonely old man.

By: Paul Zindel

Character and setting

What happened first

Friends Lorraine and John play a joke on Angelo Pignati. Not expecting to befriend the old man. And to start to feel comfortable in his home. Soon they began to hangout with him more and more. They even gave him a nickname The Pigman. One day they were all hanging out. At the pigman's house. They all decided to skate. But John went too fast for the pigman. So he ended up having a heartattack.

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

A day before his release from the hospital. John decided to throw a party. But things got out of hand.

Then the pigman showed up so as an apology. For wrecking his house. They took him to the zoo were he died.


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