The Pigman

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The Pigman

Climax-#5 The next day John and Lorraine tell Mr.Pignati that they lied to him about being from a foundation, and tell him they are high schools students. Mr.Pignati confesess to them that his wife is dead. John trying to cheer Mr.Pignati up from his wifes death, starts rollerscating around the house. Then they all start playing tag and when Mr.Pignati is going up the stairs he has a heart attack and has to go to the hostpital.

Falling action-# 7After that John and Lorraine go back to clean the house so that the next day when he got back he found his house clean. But then John decides to invite some friends over to drink, but then it turns out to be a huge party. Norton who wasn't invited because John dislikes him shows up to the party. And while he is there he tries to steal things from Mr.Pignati, but John catches him and they start fighting. Some how John lets go of Norton who then starts breaking some of Mr.Pignati's ceramic pigs. Then at that moment Mr.Pignati shows up, and so do the cops who arrest John and Lorraine. When Lorraine gets taken home she gets smaked by her mother. And John says that his parents think he should see a doctor.

#6While Mr.Pignati is at the hostpital Lorraine and John go visit him by saying that they are his children. Lorraine and John take care of the house while Mr.Pignati is at the hostpital recovering. One night when John and Lorraine are at the house they play dress up with Mrs. and Mr.Pignati's clothes, and then John starts chasing Lorraine and when he catches her he kisses her. That was their first time kissing.

The pigmanBy:Sherlyn Vazquez9/1/15803

Introduction-#1The main characters of the book are John Coland and Lorraine Jensen. They are both high school sophomores, they became friends because they both don't really like school and because of their crazy sense of humor. Lorraine's mom thinks she is unattractive (Lorraine states that she is not the most beautiful girl on the world but is not the monstrosity her mom makes her sound like ) and wants her to always stay in the house and clean. Lorraine when she grows up wants to be a writer, but she thinks her mom wont like that. John on the other hand is attractive and his parents want him to work on the same job as his dad but he wants to be an actor. The story about how one day they are with their friends Norton and Dennis they prank call Angelo Pignati saying that they are from the "L. and J. Found" so they go to his house to collect the money that Mr.Pignati has donated. Mr.Pignati is very excited to see them as Lorraine had already heard how he sounded lonely thorugh the phone, and he is very welcoming. He shows them his ceramic pig collection, that he started with his wife. John is happy that they have the money and spends it on alchohol and cigarettes. But Lorraine feels guilty for taking the money. But the next day Mr.Pignati invites them to the zoo.

Conclusion- #8The day after that, John and Lorraine call Mr.Pignati and apologize to him. They offer to help clean up the mess, but Mr.Pignati says no, so instead they invite him to the zoo. At the zoo Mr.Pignati is excited to see Bobo since he hasn't seen him since the heart attack, but then an atendant tells them that Bobo dies a week ago of pneumonia. When Mr.Pignati hears that he has a heart attack once again and dies. John and Lorraine feel guilty about his death. But they learn to accept their lifes as what they are and live them.

#2The next day when they go to the zoo, they meet Mr.Pignati's best friend Bobo, a baboon! They have a really good time and they start going to Mr.Pignati's house almost every day. And their friendship gets deeper as time passes.

My OpinionI personaly loved the book!! I think this book was very unique and it made you think about your life and other people's lifes. It makes you appreciate what you have and your parents. I think this was a good book in the way that some kids don't always have "the best mom or dad" and it gives you a good point of view on that. I like Lorraine's and John's relationship as friends. And I like how at the end they take what they learned from the pigman's story and use it to accept their lifes. I would really recomend this book, especially to a teenager. :) :) :)

-#4One day as John is at the cementary Norton ask him why have they been going there. And John tells him to mind his business. but Norton threatens him by telling him that he is going to break into Mr.Pignatis house to find anything worth stealing.

Rising action-#3Mr.Piganti always makes them feel welcomed, and they both feel comfortable at his house more than they do at their's. One afternoon Mr.Pignati gives him a tour of the house, and lets them go through his stuff. So while John is looking through some drewers he frinds some funeral papers with Mrs.Pignati's name on it. So they find out that Mrs.Pignati is dead, but they don't tell Mr.Pignati that they know. One day when they go to a department store Mr.Pignati buys rollerscates for the three of them, and other things.


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