The Pigman

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The Pigman

Nicholas Gonzalez

Mr.Pignati is starting to befriend John and Lorriane because he is accussing them of trying to break into his house,Feeling increasingly guilty for having lied to Mr. Pignati and taken his money, John and Lorraine confess that they are not charity workers. Mr. Pignati, sobbing, tells them his wife is dead.

S0 it starts off by two teenage sophmores named John and Lorraine that are like brothers and sisters. This is the story they wrote. They then hang out one night with friends prank calling people and a kind old man picks up.



Lorraine and John cheer him up by playing tag with their roller skates on, and Mr. Pignati joins in. He has a heart attack, and goes to the hospital in an ambulance.

Rising Action

Telling the hospital staff that they are his children, Lorraine and John visit him in the hospital. He tells them to make themselves at home in his house during his absence.The next day, a Friday, John and Lorraine go to Mr. Pignati's house to clean it before he comes home from the hospital the next day.

In an effort to cheer him up, they suggest that they all go to the zoo that afternoon. At the zoo, Mr. Pignati is anxious to see Bobo, but he learns that Bobo has died. Mr. Pignati has another heart attack and dies. Guilt-stricken, John and Lorraine resolve to write a "memorial epic" about their friendship with the Pigman.

Falling Action

The End

The Pigman


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