The Physics of Basketball

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The Physics of Basketball

Types of Friction-Rolling: In the ball.Fluid:Throwing ball in the air.Static:When basketball player is standing there.Sliding:When player slides across the court

Sports Basic: The goal is to score more points than your opponent. Your team must be able to score when you have the ball on offense and play strong deffense when your opponent has the ball. To play this great game you need to understand the basic rules and game.

Sports History: James Naismith was the inventor of basketball. In 1891 it was developed for his class of young men at the YMCA training school in Springfield Massachusetts.

NEWTON`S 3rd lAW : When the two basketballs collide they will both roll back in opposite directions but wth the equal force.

The Physics of Basketball

NEWTON`S 2nd LAW:The more mass the person has throwing the ball the more acceleration the ball will have . (F=MA)

Newton`s Laws

The Play -By -Play !

NEWTON`S 1st LAW:When dribbling down the court, unless acted upon by another player, the player with the ball will continue dribbling down the court to its basket.

RECOENDATIONS:PRACTCIE & EXERCISES-* Do lots of runing *strech and do exercises to help tone legs *intervolt training *build upper arm strength for strong passes *learn how to control breathing* practice good eye hand coordination

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