The Phonograph

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The Phonograph

T h e P h o n o g r a p h

H i s t o r y

The first apparatus able to reproduce music was invented in 1876 by Thomas Alba Edison. The name of the apparatus was the phonograph, and the first interpreted song was "Mary had a little lamb" on 21st November 1877. He showed it in the same year, on 29th November and he patented it on 19th February 1878. The Phonograph uses a mechanical recording system. This system transforms the sound waves in a mechanical vibration by an acoustic-mechanical transducer. The waves move a stylet and this record in a cylinder phonograph the transcription of the waves. To listen the recording you have to reverse the process.First are used cardboard cylinders coated with tin, later with waxed cardboard and finally with solid wax. The wax cylinder was released one year after that the gramophone appeared.Since 1877 more similar apparatus were developed and followed by the called “talking machines”, but only the gramophone could made shadow to the Edison’s invention.The gramophone was invented by Emile Berliner in 1888 and it was used to play the background music of the movies and was the starting point of the CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System).

First Recorded Voice

Operation of the Phonograph

Four Oldest Recorded Sounds


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