[2014] Lydia Cermak (Reading): The_Phoenicians

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[2014] Lydia Cermak (Reading): The_Phoenicians

Highlights of the Phoenicians1) The Phoenicians were the first official overeas empire.2)Their most famous item to trade was the purple cloth they made with purple dye they got from mashing up snails. Purple cloth was considered quite valuable, so they became very rich this way.3)The Phoenicians also created the first alphabet. It consisted of only 22 symbols, making it much easier to learn. They spread their alphabet around Mesopotamia so everyone could learn the same alphabet;this alphabet was much easier to learn.

The Phoenicians

This is the Phoenician's alphabet. As you can see, it resembles our alphabet we have today.

These were the Phoenician's trade routes. They traded with nearly everyone in the ancient world.

Along with the purple cloth, the Phoenicians also traded wood, glass, wine, and precious metals.

These are the Phoenician's colonies and where their civilizations were set up.They lived in modern day Lebanon and Syria. Their colonies were also along the coast of northern Egypt.

The Phoenician cities that were their main trading centers were Tyre, Sidon, Byblos, and Arwad.

This is what a Phoenician ship might look like.

Their name literally (not figuratively) means "the purple men."


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