[2015] Ffion Ankers (Year 6): THE PHILLIPINES

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Social Studies

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[2015] Ffion Ankers (Year 6): THE PHILLIPINES


The population of the phillipines is 98.39 million.The capital city is Manila , the currency is phillippine peso and the president is Elepidio Aquino.The languages they speak are fillipino and english, thier religion is cristian and the area of the country is a small 500 000 km2

The flags meaning-triangle liberty,equailty,fraternity blue stripe for peace,truth and justice the red stripe means patriotism

April and May are an average of 39C and up, in November through January it is below 30C

In the Phillipines they have god parents as well as many traditional dresses and dances like rag rag festive danceand many more folk dances.One of the traditional dresses is the mindanaoan dress.


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