The Philippines

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The Philippines

In the article Refugee Crisis in Philippines as Peace Deal Is at Risk, Floyd Whaley makes a number of critical points about the Philippine military fighting Islamic militants in the south of the country in towns such as Manilla. First, the authors pointed out that lawmakers in Manila are thinking about passing a bill that would legalize a landmark peace deal with the country’s largest rebel group. This was important because the Moro Islamic Liberation Front agreed to put down their weapons if the government created a southern region in the Philippines that would be dominated by Muslims, this area would also receive local tax revenue. This was important because the deal was put in jeopardy when the Philippine National Police raided Mamasapano for wanted terrorism suspects. Next, the authors mentioned that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front has agreed to cooperate but a breakaway group called the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters is rejecting the peace deal. Furthermore, they indicated that the group has killed 73 rebels, 4 government soldiers, and 82,070 people have fled their homes because of the violence.This was critical because evacuation center’s conditions are getting worse and the amount of people is increasing. Finally, the authors suggested that it’s impossible to eliminate the group only by using military forces and it will only neutralize the situation.

Refugee Crisis in Philippines as Peace Deal Is at RiskFloyd Whaley

The New YorkTimes

“The situation in the evacuation centers is getting graver and graver by the day,” - Lyca Sarenas

The Philippines

Things to Know:Militant: a person who is combative and aggressive in support of a political or social cause, and typically favoring extreme, violent, or confrontational methods.Moro Islamic Liberation Front: rebel group in Mindanao


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