The Phantom Tollbooth

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The Phantom Tollbooth

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Maturity is only a short break in adolescence. -Jules Feiffer


Other Key Characters:

The Phantom Tollbooth


Jules Feiffer: Illustrator

Points to Ponder:-perspective-joy that life holds-vitality of widsom, words and numbers-time-versions of reality

Do you get bored in class? Do you feel life is dull and learning holds no fun or excitement for you? Let yourself be whisked away to the Lands Beyond, and you may just change your mind... Milo is a bored little boy with a penchant for favoring whatever it is he isn't doing. His life takes a big turn when he discovers a magic tollbooth in his room. Once he passes through it into the Kingdom of Wisdom in the Lands Beyond, his life is never the same again. He embarks on a grand adventure with a few faithful companions to try and rescue the banished princesses, Rhyme and Reason, in order to restore peace to the kingdom. Along the way, he jumps to the Island of Conclusions and conducts a symphony of color, among many other eventful and interesting adventures with a cast of vibrant characters. His journey could alter the future of the kingdom and many are depending on Milo. Will our hero make it to the Castle in the Air to save the princesses?

Read it, loved it, have to see the movie?


"This book mademe laugh quite a bit-it is full of puns, idioms andintellectuall humor." -Paris Grice

"It certainly pays to have a good look at things." -Milo



"Ther is no such thing as a difficult word, there are only words you don't know yet" - Norton Juster

Norton Juster: Author


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