The Phantom Tollbooth-Jess

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The Phantom Tollbooth-Jess

The Phantom tollboothby: Norton Juster The Phanton Tollbooth is about a boy who finds a magical tollbooth in his room. He drives a electric car through it and ends up in the land of Beyond Expectations. There, he meets the whether man who says everything three times. The whether man directs Milo to a place he thinks Milo will like called dictionopolis. Milo by accident makes a wrong turn and ends up in the land of Doldrums. There he meets little creatures called Lethargarians who do nothing but nap all day. In the land of Doldrums you are not allowed to think, laugh, or smile. (Well, you are allowed to smile on Thursdays though). Then milo hears a noise going "Tick Tick Tick" and he hears the lethargarians screaming and running away. Out of the bushes pops a dog with a watch attached to his body. He is known as "The Watchdog," but his name is Tock. Tock asks Milo if he can join him on his journey to the land of dictionoplis, because he says At doldrums, Everything is a bore. They both hop in to the car, but it will not move. Tock tells Milo to think of anything. Milo starts thinking, and slowly the car starts moving. Then, They see a gate, and Tock explains to Milo that it is word market day in dictionopolis, and you can buy or sell words. They enter the word market and they meet 5 men. Milo bumps into the men and they all say sorry in 5 different ways. "I'm sorry!" says the earl "I apoligize!" says the count "I'm Regretful!" says the duke "I didn't mean to do that!" said the next man in line " Oh my god,are you okay!" says the last man in line. Milo says "that's okay!" and the 5 men show milo all of the Spetacular enjoyments of the word market. There are short words, long words, useful words, fancy words, Make your own words, and many many more! Suddenly milo sees a large bee behind him. "Don't Be Alarmed!" he says. Then he says "this is how you spell alarmed,A-L-A-R-M-E-D. Hi, I forgot to introduce myself, I am the spelling bee. I can spell about any word in the world. " Suddenly behing the spelling bee pops a large Beetle-like creature called the Humbug. "He is evil! E-V-I-L!" says the spelling bee as the humbug comes near. "I am not evil!" says the humbug with a tiny smirk on his large beetle-like face. READ THE REST OF THE BOOK TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!!!





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