The Persians

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The Persians

Play review: The play the persians tell about the battle of salamis in which the Greeks are the obvious underdogs. The Persians have 1200 ships and the Greeks have a little over a hundrend. The play begins in the royal palace of the Persian elders are elders, who are eagarly awaiting the return of there forces and the expected good news. A messanger tells the elders that the Greeks have sucsessfully defend their homes with supiroir tactics. The ghost of the Persian kings father presents himself saying that it was a mistake to attack the Greeks and warns them to never attack the greeks again. At the end the king returns and blames himself for the mistakes he made in the battle agianst the greeks. This play shows how brilliant of a writer that Aeschylus is. This is a great play and i recomend it to anyone into Greek drama.

Statue of Aeschylus

The PersiansBy: Aeschylus

Charaters: - Atossa - Messanger - Ghost of Darius - Xerxes - Chorus of persian elders

About the Author: Aeschylus is one of the the greatestest dramatists that Greece has ever seen. Aeschylus is looked at by many as the father of Greek drama. He became a famous playwrite for his ambitious imagination which lead to many of his famous plays.

Major theme: The major Theme of the play is to advise against hybris. Hybris is an excess of ambition, pride, etc, ultimately causing the transgressor's ruin. This is important becuase in the play Xerxes shows arogance in attacking the Greeks in unfavorable territory.

Palace of Susa

Battle of Salamis

Minor theme: The message the Ghost of Darius is try to relay is that the elders are taking life for granted and they sould just enjoy thier lives.


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