The Persian Empire

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The Persian Empire

The Persian Empire

The persians lived in what is today southwestern Iran.

Cyrus the Great

The Persian Empire succeeded through the strrenght of some leaders. Failed through the reign of others until it ultimately ended as quickly as it had come about.

-Cyrus ruled from 559 to 530 BCE, he started the Persian Empire and was known for treating his subjects well.

-Ancient Persians had many writing sysrems.-Persians kept extensive government records like Literature, Religion and records of war and exploits. -The writing were usually on clay tablets. It's used Special writing instruments.-In Persian, was not a general skill. Writing was done by scribes. High level people were illiterate. writing was beneath them.

Persian Writing System


-Darius bcame ruler in 552 BC of Persian Empire and reorganized it into 2o provinces (satrapies) to make it run better.

-To encounter unity, Darius had hundreds of miles of roads built or repaired. it was called the Royal Road. The Royal Road made it easier to communicate with different parts of the empire.

Decline and fall

-empire bcomes too big to control-persian wars (500-479 B.C.E.) lost battels to the Greeks-Invasion by Alexander the Great Marched into Persia and destroyed the Achaeminid empire- burned Persepolis.


-Old Persian became Middle Persian then Late Persian.`Middle Persian was an official language around 300 B.C.E.-Influenced later languages.-Ancient Aramaic influenced a lot of later languages. Cuneiform influence our current alphabet.

2,700-year-old Persian artifact a gift of U.S. diplomacy to Iran?

A 2,700 year-old silver chalice may be a new token of friendship between the United States and Iran. It had been in New York since 2003, when an art dealer smuggled it to New York. Iran's cultural heritage chief hopes its return will mark a lively cultural exchange with the U.S. Mohammad-Ali Najafi says the ice between Washington and Tehran has thawed. text here


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