The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of being a WallflowerBy:  Stephan Chbosky

The Perks of Being A Wallflower is about a freshman in high school boy, Charlie who does not have any friends in the beginning of the school year because his past besst friend, Michael, died. Patrick, one of Charlie's best friends is in one of his classes which his only goal is to pass with a C in order to graduate. Later on, Patrick introduces Charlie to Sam, his step sister. His English teacher takes a special like for Charlie, assigning him extra books and making him write reports on them. As the story evolves, Charlie talks about his Aunt Helen who died in a car accident while shopping for his birthday present. One night Charlie goes downstairs only to find his sister's, Candace, boyfriend arguing with her and slapping her across the face. Later on, she finds out she is pregnant and to help and be there for her, Charlie goes with her to get an abortion. Charlie goes to a party with Sam and Patrick one night and is given a brownie which contained weed. He is so high that when he goes upstairs to the restroom he makes nothign when he finds Patrick kissing Brad, the star and popular football player. Sam soon begins dating a guy named Craig who is in college and whom Charlie does not think treats her well. At prom, Sam finds out he's been cheating on her all along and breaks up with her. Charlie tells her he loves her and that she deserves better. Charlie's mental condition is on a downwards spiral because he'll be alone the next year and because somehow, all he thinks about is his Aunt Hellen. Before Sam leaves, she has a chat with Charlie that almost leads to them having sex but suddenly Charlie remembers what his aunt did to him. He is placed in a mental hospital and is visited often by his friends and family.



I believe the theme is about happiness. Everyone in Charlie's life is unhappy. Of course, this doesn't occur at all times but for the majority of the time they always have something on their mind. In the beginning, Charlie thought Patrick was the only one happy until Patrick told him about his secret relationship and how it almost felt like Brad didn't want anyone knowing; which he didn't. He notices a pattern: almost everyone who is sad is sad because of the people they fell in love with. Charlie hopes everyone he loves and himself, find someone who loves them as much as they love them.


" We get the love we think we deserve" is my favorite quote becuase it is straight up the truth. For example, Sam doesn't understand why her boyfriend treats her the way he does but she does nothing to try and change her relationship with him or to straight up end it. Everyone looks for a person whom they believe will love them as much as they love them even though sometimes, their love is worth a whole lot more than the other person's. Sometimes we, as the human race are blind to it.

My favorite part took place while Sam, Patrick, and Charlie are eating burgers one night for the first time together. Charlie doesn't know Sam and Patrick are step brothers and instead believes they are together. In the book it seems like such a laid back and funny scene, almost making it seem like everything is alright. The scene is so relatable because they are many moments in which you're with your friends and family spending a good time without havin to think about all the negatives around you. It is also those moments you appreciate the most.

I would definitely recomend this book. Of course, personally I believe the appropriate age would be for teens and young adults for the book teaches many life lessons. For teens, I believe it would cause a great impact on how they see themselves and their worth.


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