The Periodic Table of Elements

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Chemical Elements

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The Periodic Table of Elements

Atomic Number:Atomic Mass:Melting Point:Boiling Point:Number of Protons/Electrons: Number of Neutrons: Classification: Color:

Vocab Words:-Periodic Law: The physical and chemical properties of the elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers-Period: A Row on the Periodic Table, in which each row represents one energy level of the atom-Families: Colums on the Periodic Table, in which elments have similar chemical and physical properties-Subatomic Particles: Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons-Ionic Bond: Involves the complete transfer of electrons- One atom will gain electrons, the other atom will lose electrons-Oxidation Number: Tells the charge of the atom when the atom is stable with a full outermost energy level (lose an electron= +1) (Gain an electron= -1)-Reactivity Trend: Split trend metals vs. nonmetals

Metals Vs. NonmetalsMetal:-Luster (shiny)-Conducts heat and electricity -High Density-Ductile- stretched into thin wires -Malleable- Hammered into shapes-Loses electrons in chemical reactionNon-Metal:-No Luster-Do not conduct heat and electricity-Brittle (not malleable or ductile)-Gains electrons in chemical reactions

Dmitiri MendeleevDmitiri was born in 1834 and died in 1907. He gathered information from all known elements:-Color -Density -Melting Point -Mass-Bond PowerHe arranged the elements according to mass and noticed a periodic pattern with bond power!He also noticed “blank spots”, and he used this information to predict new elements.


What is the Periodic Table?It is a table of the Chemical Elements that are arranged going left to right and top to bottom in order of increasing atomic number. The order generally coincides with increasing atomic mass.

The Periodic Table of Elements

By: Kailee Doherty

Personal Life Examples:-Cell phone chips are made out of sillicon.Without this element, our phones would not be the way that they are today. I am texing and calling, etc. on my phone daily, and the element, Silicon makes it possible!-Elements are also in every medicine that is taken. Without medicine, there would be many more deaths and sicknesses in our world. Elements help and greatly impact the way we live our lives!


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